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S te p 1 : Ch oos e yo u r u n it s Design your furniture to suit whatever space you have. GoodHome Avela’s modular units come in multiple sizes and can be fitted as either wall-mounted or freestanding furniture. Addition al option s Double drawer vanity basin unit Oak veneer W600 x H600 x D450mm 5059340017877 €293 W800 x H600 x D450mm 5059340017884 €333 Single drawer vanity basin unit Oak veneer W600 x H317 x D450mm 5059340017952 €186 W800 x H317 x D450mm 5059340017969 €226 W1000 x H317 x D450mm 5059340017976 €266 Vanity feet Solid oak W600 x H210 x D450mm 5059340017914 €53 W800 x H210 x D450mm 5059340017921 €60 W1000 x H210 x D450mm 5059340017938 €80 Open vanity shelving Oak veneer W200 x H600 x D450mm 5059340018058 €120 Compatible with GoodHome Avela double drawer vanity basin units only. Good to k n ow If combining your vanity unit with open shelving, add 200mm to the width of your vanity feet and worktop. S te p 2 : Ad d yo u r wo rk to p o r basin Add a worktop, countertop basin or vanity basin* (see pages 18-21 for additional basin options). Worktop Oak veneer W605 x H18 x D450mm 5059340017983 €73 W805 x H18 x D450mm 5059340017990 €93 W1005 x H18 x D450mm 5059340018003 €113 Mila resin vanity basin Black W600 x H124 x D452mm 5059340221465 €160 W800 x H124 x D452mm 5059340221472 €186 W1000 x H124 x D452mm 5059340221489 €219 Duala resin vanity basin White W600 x H142 x D450mm 5059340014302 €166 W800 x H142 x D450mm 5059340014319 €186 Samal Dia400 x H145mm Matt white 5059340392004 €113 Also available in matt beige and matt black, see page 19. Also available in white, see page 21. Products shown are only available for home delivery. Restrictions apply. Delivery charges may apply. For full details please see diy.ie/customer-support/delivery or see in store for further details. 31

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