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Christmas, whose name literally meaning mass on Christ’s day, is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, which is celebrated all over the world. Historically, it came from the festival of Yule which was celebrated for 12 days starting on the 21st of December, the winter solstice. Christmas, traditionally a religious holiday, is now considered a secular holiday celebrated by both religious and non-religious people alike.

Christmas in Ireland

Traditionally, the first day of Christmas in Ireland is the 8th of December. However, nowadays Christmas trees and lights appear in mid-November. Christmas cards are sent to wish loved ones a Merry Christmas and new and old Christmas movies are watched by both adults and children. Children may also enjoy colouring pages of Santa Claus. It is also common to find a tree with decorations and lights in homes, schools, offices and shops. Christmas carols and songs can also be heard either by people in the street or in theatres, town halls and schools around the country.

At work, employees look forward to receiving a Christmas bonus as a token of gratitude for their hard work throughout the year. A popular trend in the last decade is the wearing of Christmas jumpers. For the last ten years, people have flocked to Galway Christmas market where a wide variety of stalls can be found offering food, drink and handmade crafts.

Christmas day, celebrated on the 25th of December, is traditionally a day spent with families. It is the only day that pubs in Ireland are not allowed to open. There is an exchange of gifts and a huge meal followed by Christmas pudding or cake. It is common to find people in coastal towns going for a Christmas day swim in the sea often to raise money for a charity.

Christmas offers

Large retail chains such as Lidl, SuperValu, Musgrave or Harvey Norman issue special Christmas catalogues and discount leaflets. Other than food, the best-selling Christmas products are electronics, toys and perfumes. Online fashion chains such as Oriflame are also making their way to the forefront of consumer interest.

Christmas shopping

It is a particularly busy time for the shops as people rush around trying to buy gifts for their loved ones. offers you an overview of the best offers and discounts via the leaflets issued by your favourite shops. Don’t leave everything until the last minute and have a look at what is on offer.

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