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EUROSPAR offer  - 9.9.2021 - 29.9.2021 - Sales products - pie, rusks, tuna, herring, Heinz, brandy, wipes, Pampers, baby wipes, nappies, Johnson's, petroleum jelly, baby powder, toilet paper, Plenty, Cushelle, detergent, Domestos, cleaner, bleach, floor cleaner, Fairy, Cif, Persil, fabric conditioner, Comfort softener, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, hand wash, Radox, Vaseline, Colgate, toothpaste, mouthwash, Plax, Tampax, Head & Shoulders, body spray, Gillette, shaving foam, bin, kitchen rolls, Pedigree, Go-Cat. Page 7.
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Toilet paper

You may not always think about it, but toilet paper is a very important part of our lives. Most people cannot imagine a day without it. What to choose from?

We don't always think about it, but toilet paper is very important for all of us. There are people who do not use it and live completely ecologically, but most of us do not. Buying is certainly not a problem, but you always must decide which brand and how many layers to buy for your convenience. You can choose between one, two and three layers of product. We can simply say that single-layer toilet paper is a waste of money. You must use a lot of them to create more layers, so you use a lot more than you must. In the final, you pay more for them than you must. It is therefore much better to invest in two or three-layer variants of this product.

EUROSPAR @ For You and Your Home The Supereasy Supermarket ALL ONLY €2 ONLY ONLY 215 5 ONLY el.s0 FAIRY [email protected] Bold FAIF Bola Cif Cif Annestes Bold Liguid 2 In 1 Lavender & Camomile/ Sprng Awakening 24 Wasti s6Oml €5.95 pet IL ELOOR ELOOR Domestos Bleach Spray 700ml €2.86 3er It Cif Floor Cleaner Ocean/Wild Orchid 950ml €2.11 per It Comfort Fabric Conditioner Range 36 wash L2bit ezs per it Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original/Lemon 45 Smi e3.47 per i ONLY ONLY ONLY Plenty .50 Cushelle 2 50 Soft RADOX Bathrou Original REFRESHED Tissue Plenty Whe l Boo Cistern Block Range 3 Pack 3x389 €17.54 per kg Cushelle Cube Tissues 60Sheets See Steif for hformakon SPAR Kitchen Roll 1Roll €2 per rol Radox Shower Ge Range Toilet Tissue White 9 Rolls 28c per roll 250ml €6 per it ONLY ONLY ONLY ALL HALF PRICE 3 250 250 LYNX LYN 1.35/€ shoulk 2-1 TAMPAX Compak Roda RADOX Tampax Compact range 18 Pack See Self for Information Lynx Anti Perspirant/Body Spray Range 150mi €16.67 per it Head & Shoulders Shampoo & Conditicner Range 250m/22 5ml €10/E1L11 per it Peisil Radox Handwash Range 250ml €5.4C /€6 per It Persil Liguid Detergent Range 38 Wash See Shelf for Information 2.68 ONLY ONLY ONLY 2 2 2.90 Colgate Plax Johnsom PROTICING Colgate SENSITIVE PRO-Relter cottan bedi Gillette Gel Sensitive Skin Classic 200ml €10 per It Shaving Foam Classic Ragular 200ml €10 per it Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly Original 100ml €20 pert Johnson's Pure Cotton Buds Colgate Toothpaste Sensitive Relief 75m €38,67 per It Colgate Plax Cool Mint Mouthwash 500ml €5,36 per It 200 Pack ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY 3 69. Hein 89. BY NATURE ds Farle A Heinz BY NATURE 75 Pamoer Johnso Rusks Oniginal Pampers cottage pie vitaminsa minerals iding ironnealelum Johnson's Baby Powder 500g €6 per kg O Heinz 4 BY NATURE Heinz By Nature Cottage Pie 200g €445 per kg Farley's Rusks Original 9 Pack 150g €n.67 per kg Pampers Fresh Clean/Sensitive Baby Wipes 52 Pack See Shelf for Information ONLY ONLY ANY 2 FOR SPARO JUMBO+ PACK 23 350 Nappies SPAR 2 Nappies Pampers baby-dry Heinz FIRST STEPS air Pampers. baby-dry hreskfsat Johns Jokmons Heinz By Nature Range SPAR Nappies Range Various See Shelf for Infermation Johnson's Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo+ Nappies Range Selected Baby Toiletries Range 300mi €6.67 oer it 120g C575 ner kg Various See Shelf for Inormation Sign up today ONLY ONLY Pedigree ONLY Redigre Pedigre 6 799 2 Renands BISCRO Markies Markies M Brandy Great prices, $ Rewards points tod Jumbone Go-Cat Duck and Chicken/Tuna Herring and Added Vegetables 2kg €3 per kg Brandy Chunks in Jelly Poultry/Traditicnal Loaf Variety Cans 12 Pack 12x395 €L69 per it Pedigree Treats/Care Range Various See Shelf for Information Jumbone "Tames & Condisons apply Exciudos purchases af alcoho, intant mik fur beby foods, bttery, tobicco, vouhers, bill pay, bin tagi and moble top


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