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Easter - Retailers

What and when is Easter?

Easter, also called Pascha or Ressurection Sunday, is a catholic festival honouring the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death. Easter Sunday falls on a different Sunday every year and ends the forty-day period of fasting and sacrifice known as Lent.

Easter in Ireland

Preparation for Easter in Ireland begins on Ash Wednesday, forty days before Easter Sunday, when people promise to give something up until Easter Sunday, e.g. sweets, chocolate even alcohol. Traditionally eggs were not eaten during this time and each household was presented with eggs, which had been painted different colours, on Good Friday. These eggs have since been replaced by chocolate eggs brought by the Easter bunny.

Traditionally a very religious holiday, Catholics would attend confession on Good Friday and mass on Easter Sunday. Typical food eaten is potatoes, vegetables and lamb or beef. Typical symbols or images include eggs, young lambs, and birds. Cards are sent wishing loved ones a happy Easter. Children have holidays from school and many schools and shops are decorated using different art ideas.

It is also an important date in Irish history due to the rebellion that took place against British rule on Easter Monday 1916 known as the Easter rising. This rising is seen by the Irish people as the first step towards independence which was officially granted in 1922. Events take place around the country to remember this day.

Easter offers

Large retail chains such as Lidl, SuperValu, MUSGRAVE Market Place or JYSK issue special Easter catalogues and discount leaflets. Apart from chocolate Easter eggs, of which approximately 5,000 are sold, people also spend a lot of money on meat, fish and other products in the weeks before Easter.

Easter shopping

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