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LIDL, a German discount supermarket chain, first appeared in Ireland in 2000, specialising in quality food at low, affordable prices. There are about 10,000 stores around the world, 150 of which are located in the Republic of Ireland, meaning there is always a LIDL nearby. There are over 20 stores in Dublin.

The specialise in low-cost, discounted items. In terms of food and drink they stock dried goods, sauces, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, and frozen food. In addition to this, they also have health and beauty products, cleaning products as well as a wide range of wine, beers and spirits. A selection of household items, plants, clothes, exercise equipment, and small electronic devices, such as headphones and tablets can also be found for sale in their stores.

Lidl are different from other supermarkets in terms of their prices. Items are heavily discounted, and customers can enjoy additional special offers. Special offers can be found online or, a magazine detailing all their promotions can usually be found in most national newspapers.



With over 150 shops scattered across the country, there is sure to be a LIDL near you. The opening hours of their stores can vary, so please check out their website for further information on this,, where you can also find their leaflet this week and their special offers next week.

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