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thumbnail - Lidl offer  - 04.04.2024 - 10.04.2024 - Sales products - pasta sauce, meatballs, olive spread, tapenade, croquettes, potato croquettes, crispy potato balls, olives, walnuts, sauce. Page 10.
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TASTES OF THE WORLD 1kg Duc De Coeur Noix de Grenoble Dried Wainots Duc De Coeur FRENCH STYLE Duc de Coeur Dried Walnuts 1kg 1000 €6,99 Duc De Coeur Pommes Noisettes Crispy Potato Balls French Style Meatballs Filled with Cream Cheese & Garlic 1kg e 280 ge Duc de Coeur Crispy Potato Balls 1kg €2.19 French Style Filled Meatballs With cream cheese & garlic 280g €279 1kg-9.96 10 PROVENCE Blackened Olive Tapenade Green Olive Tapenade PROVENCE Crees PROVENCE Olive Tapenade Blackened Olive Tapenade Duc de Coeur Olive Tapenade Each 212ml €1,99 11=9.39 (20 From Thursday 4th April PROVENCE STYLE Due De Corve Pasta Sauce Provencal Duc de Coeur Provencal Pasta Sauce 400ml €1.79 11 = 4.48

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