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MUSGRAVE Market Place offer  - 9.6.2019 - 22.6.2019 - Sales products - case, frozen, goose, soy sauce, sriracha, tong, pin, prawns, chicken, pad, sauce. Page 1.
Scroll through the MUSGRAVE Market Place promotional catalogue valid from 9.6.2019 to 22.6.2019. On 2 pages of the currently valid offer, you will find the best goods from the Supermarkets category. This offer discounts on more than 21 products that certainly belong among the goods you regularly buy. If you want to save on your next shopping at MUSGRAVE Market Place, do not forget to leaf through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 2. On the current page you will find promotions on case, frozen, goose, soy sauce, sriracha, tong, pin, prawns, chicken, pad, sauce; however, leaflets of MUSGRAVE Market Place offers many other discounts on goods like carrots, case, goose, lid, ring. If you want to shop smart and save a significant portion of the costs of your next shopping at your favourite MUSGRAVE Market Place store, you should not miss this offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to every day and you will not miss any of the great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.
* Valid only at the stores listed in this catalogue.
MUSGRAVE Offers: MarketPlace 09.06.19 22.06.19 ( asian deals Product Code Promotional Price/Deal Product Description Pack Size Variable Simply Meat Topside Heart PAD €6.50 Per kg 740076 Weight Variable ONLY €5.50 PER KG Simply Rump Tails PAD 674046 Weight ONLY €54.00 PER CASE Bellaves Frozen Brazilian Natural Chicken E 1 x 15kg 755192 ONLY €30.00 PER CASE 1 x 10kg 679562 Superior Red Chicken Fillets 80% 7kxg ONLY €53.00 PER CASE Ocean Gem P&D Vannamei 31/40 Prawns 6 x 900g 178474 ONLY 58.00 PER CASE Ocean Gem IQF P&D 26/30 Large Prawns E 6 x 900g 754629 LLK Premium Dark Soy Sauce李錦記特级老抽(大桶装) 1 x 8ltr ONLY 10.75 795398 LLK Premium Light Soy Sauce 李錦記特级生抽(大桶装) 795402 1 x 8ltr ONLY 9.99 Flying Goose Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce飛鹅牌是拉差香甜辣椒醬| 12x730ml 798205 ONLY €35.99 网上商店 f 网上商店 You Tube) 拥有超过12,000货品,可以为您节约时间和金钱 Musgrave Musgrave MarketPlace @MusgraveMPlace Marke tPlace MP- J98 |in Prices quoted are e where a cz1 These special c offers are correct a time of printing. E&OE. Next pror omotion date: 23.06.19- 06.07.19.. Prices not inclusive of ny tariffs that may b e incurred a therefore, be s xciusive of VAT a pplicable. bject to change.