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Choosing tires is not easy. However, if you follow a few proven steps, you will always choose the ones that you will ride comfortably.

Whether you have an older or newer car, you need to change tires / tyres occasionally. The choice of assortment is wide, and it is difficult for many people to know it. The basis of satisfaction is the right choice. At the same time, you only need to follow three basic steps, thanks to which you will get the best product. Always look at what is in the technical card, go through the tests of the goods and do not skimp. You can save on many products, but tires are not one of them. Choose quality over low price. You will see that you will drive like butter all year round.

The basic division is, of course, into summer and winter. Before buying, always look at the large technical card, because each model is different and only those listed on the card will sit on your car, van, motorcycle, veteran, or race car. It may never have occurred to you, but the individual products differ from each other in many factors that you should always think about. Dimension is a matter of course, but you also must think of other elements. Tires / tyres are not exactly a cheap affair, so you should make sure that they fit your car perfectly.

The type of construction can be diagonal or radial. Currently, the second type is used more, which has a higher load capacity, lower slip and consumption and longer service life. But you must also consider factors such as load capacity index, speed category, tread type, manufacturer and, finally, price. Higher quality pieces will certainly always be a little more expensive, but it will pay off for you. It is not worth saving on safety, and if you drive regularly, you need real quality that Czech roads can handle with you. Look at the large technical card and then you can start choosing from our wide range of high-quality goods that will help you have a pleasant ride wherever you go.


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