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thumbnail - SPAR offer  - 21.03.2024 - 10.04.2024 - Sales products - broccoli, peppers, soup, instant noodles, noodles, ready meal, ham, yoghurt, Müller, milkshake, milk chocolate, chocolate, Kellogg's, biscuit, Cadbury, Dairy Milk, bars, Tayto, crisps, sugar, protein bar, honey, Pepsi, juice, soft drink, 7UP, carbonated soft drink, container. Page 5.
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7UP Regular/Zero 2Lt €1.25 per Lt RED VALUE ONLY €2.50 +25c Deposit EACH up up ZERO YES TO IRISHI müller Cor Strawber müller Corner Vanilla Chocolate Balls MÜLLER Corner Yogurt Range Various See Shelf for Information ONLY €1 +15c Deposit EACH ONLY €1.75 +15c Deposit EACH PEPS PEPSI PEPSI Regular/Max 330ml €3.03 per Lt SPARA MARKETS ONLY €2.25 EACH TAY TAYTO Salt & inc Chesse&onim YES TO Innocent Innocent The Original IRISHI The Original Irish Crip INNOCENT Juice Range 330ml €5.30 per Lt ΤΑΥΤΟ Crisps Sharing Bag 125g €18 per kg ONLY €1 EACH Cadead CREAMY MILKSHAKE CREAMY CHOCOLAT Carame ONLY €2 EACH Calber's DAIRY MILK ONLY €1.50 fingers ONLY Kelli€3.99 CRUNCHY NUT CADBURY Milk Drink Chocolate 250ml €8 per Lt LOVE SHARE LOVE O SHAR LOVE Rg ONLY €1.75 Radoes EACH Randoms facy cacts ANY 2 FOR €5 KIND PROTEIN Dark Chocolate Nut KIND PROTEIN ROWNTREE'S Sugar Pouches Range Various See Shelf for Information CULLY & SULL ONLY €2.25 SOUP EACH CULLY & SULLY Better- Choices CULLY & SULLY Chilled Soup Range 400g €5.63 per kg 24 KIND Protein Bar Range 50g €50 per kg KOKA KOKA CADBURY Fingers Milk Chocolate Biscuits 114g €13.16 per kg BRODERICK KELLOGG'S Crunchy Nut Honey & Nut Flakes 500g €7.98 per kg ONLY €1.50 EACH SPAR Better Choices ANY 2 FOR €3 BRODERICKS Caramental/Road Rockin Choc Choc Bar/Slam Dunk Peanut Chunk/Tif Tof Tuffen 50g €30 per kg FRESH CHOICE Broccoli Crown 350g Mixed Peppers Twin Pack See Shelf for Information ONLY 3.50 EACH The Original CURRY CA CARROLL'S €3.50 De Deli ONLY €3.50 L'S CARROLL'S CARROLL'S JAUNEDAAL CLARI ONLY €4 EACH KOKA Oriental Instant Noodles Chicken/ Curry Flavour 4 Pack 340g €10.29 per kg CARROLL'S Crumbed Ham Butcher Style Slices Twin Pack 2x90g €19.44 per kg QUALITY CARROLL'S Ready Meal Range 400g/420g €10/€9.52 per kg A fully refundable deposit may apply to plastic and aluminium drinks containers. 15c for 150ml-500ml and 25c for over 500ml-3it. Should consumers be charged a deposit on these drinks containers, please Re-turn be assured that you will get your deposit back when you return your empty, undamaged container to Reverse Vending Machine Deposit Retum Points nationwide. Visit for more information.

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