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thumbnail - SPAR offer  - 21.03.2024 - 10.04.2024 - Sales products - buns, O'Dwyers, hot cross buns, pizza, meatballs, soup, Knorr, chicken breasts, sausage, pork sausage, black pudding, Dairygold, mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, ketchup, tea bags, Lyons, coffee, instant coffee, Tampax, jar, animal food, dog food. Page 6.
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SPARA RED VALUE Inishella QUALITY JAISH FOOD ONLY €3.50 INISHELLA Beef Meatballs Pre Pack 360g €9.72 per kg Q QUALITY ONLY €3.25 DAIRYGOLD Or DAIRYGOLD Original Spread 454g €7.16 per kg YES TO IRISH! CHEF ONLY €3.50 CHEF TOMATO KETCHUP Tomato Ketchup 490g €7.14 per kg YES TO IRISH! ONLY €3 LYONS LYONS ORIGINAL BLEND Original Blend Tea Bags 80's 232g €12.93 per kg HELIMAN REAL 100% ONLY €3.50 EACH HELLMANN'S Real/Light Mayonnaise 430ml €8.14 per Lt KENCO KENCO ONLY €4.50 EACH 101 100g Smooth/Rich Instant Coffee Jar 100g €45.00 per kg ANY 2 FOR GOODF GOODFEL €6 STONEB GOODFELLA'S BAKED THIN Thin Pizza Range - Price Marked Various See Shelf for Information Inishella QUALITY IRISH FOOD INISHELLA Irish Part Boned Chicken Breasts Pre Pack 340g €11.76 per kg ONLY €4 QUALITY DENNY DENNY DENNY DENNY White/Black Pudding 199g €5.03 per kg ONLY €1 EACH DENN ** ONLY KK Kno€1.50 OXT THICK FARMHO CHICK VEGETA ONLY €3 GOLD MEDAL ORIGINAL DENNY SAFTALES Gold Medal Pork Sausages 16 Pack 454g €6.61 per kg ONLY €2.75 DENNY EACH O QUALITY HICKORY SMOKED YES TO IRISHI DENNY RE Traditional/Mapple/Hickory Smoked Rasher 180g €15.28 per kg ONLY €4 EACH TA EACH TAM KNORR enco Packet Soup Range Various See Shelf for Information 15 ONLY Cesar €1.50 TAMPAX Compak Range 18 Pack See Shelf for Information CESAR Dog Food Range 150g €10.00 per kg PIECE OF CAKE ONLY €1.50 ODWYERS YES TO IRISH! FROM €2 ODWYERS 4 HOT CROSS ODWYERS TEMON CARE GOWTERS BOWYERS EACH YES TO IRISH! NEW TO SPAR ONLY €1.75 LOVE TO € SHARE Rowntree's Randoms fizzy cactuz YES TO IRISH! CUISINE DE FRANCE Le Choco Crisp 120g €12.50 per kg O'DWYER'S Lemon Cake Slices 5 Pack 120g €16.67 per kg €2 Lemon Cake 400g €7.50 per kg €3 Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack 280g €9.61 per kg €2.69 Easter Cup Cakes 4 Pack 150g €26.67 per kg €4 Easter Iced Queen Cakes 9 Pack 230g €18.48 per kg €4.25 Easter Filled Mini Cup Cakes 9 Pack 380g €17.11 per kg €6.50 ROWNTREE'S Randoms Fizzy Cactuz 130g €13.46 per kg

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