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Our Signature Range, Specially Sourced €10 Aresti Trisquel Sauvignon Blanc 75cl was €15 Save €5.99 Intense aromas of asparagus and peas offset by herbal undertones. In the mouth, it is crisp and fresh, with a strong acidity and long finish €12 Vacqueyras Remy Ferbras 75cl was €20 Save £8 Deep brilliant red colour. intense and complex. aromas of ripe red fruits. spices and leather, with. hints of roasted notes. €10 Fleurie André Goichot 75cl was €17.99 Save £7.99 A medium bodied wine with raspberry flavours and a soft but dry texture. Great with med-hard cheese €11.99 Niel Joubert Reserve Cabernet Shiraz 75cl This full-bodied wine finishes with lingering dark red berry, dark chocolate and savory flavors. Wonderful with a fresh tomato salad MY EST Sublime with boo wellingtor VACOTEK YA 2022 Best paired with medium rare stea< VALLE DE RYDA TRISQUEL SAUVIGNON BLANC ARESTI GRAN RES REMY FERBRAS VACQUEYRAS OND ORIGINE PRO 2020 AG FLEURIE ANDRÉ GOICHOT Great with more ' fish such es morkfsbx OUBERT NIEL JOUBERT CABERNET SAUVIGNON SHIRAZ 1st March-Waannsday 10th Apr 1024 Ave latile in participating sternly, while stocks last. Customer quotas may apply.

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