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Tupperware offer  - Sales products - colander, cutting board, Disney, knife, mug, sharpener, spatula, spoon, tumbler, pitcher, plate, rice cooker, shaker, corkscrew, eco bottle, handy spiral, knife sharpener, handy grater, straw, dispenser, kitchen tools, bottle brush, meal box, sandwich keeper. Page 72.
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There are special types of bottles that will help you fully enjoy sports, but also fun. It depends on what kind of this amazing product you choose.

Shaker has two different uses. Some are intended as sports bottles and for the preparation of protein drinks. And others will be useful for bartenders to prepare delicious cocktails. But most people will probably reach for a shaker, in which they will be able to wear a drink while running or exercising. These special bottles are made so that they easily fit into a sports bag, so you can carry them comfortably wherever you need them. Of course, there should also be high-quality and strong plastic, which will not break even in the event of an impact. Thanks to this, this product will last you a long time and will serve you for a very long time. The protein shaker should also have a mixing ball to help you mix the protein mixture so that it is beautifully soft, smooth, and free of unpleasant lumps. Thanks to this, you will enjoy the protein mixture much more than before. In addition, most of them look beautiful, so you won't have to be ashamed to go to your favourite gym.

Index Product Code Page Product Code Page Product Code Page Active Carbon Filter Sachet (3) H36 17 Eco+ At Lunch Box J26 11 Metallic OTG Flask Easy Open J30 12 Adjustable Rolling Pin E69 52 Eco+ Bottle 1 L - pink O12 9 Micro Delight L88 54 Aloha Bowl 1 L H62 19 Eco+ Bottle 1.5L - green O09 9 Micro Fast Cooker L03 57 Aloha Bowl 12 L H66 19 Eco+ Bottle 1L - blue O13 9 Micro Urban Large L81 56 Aloha Bowl 2 L H63 19 Eco+ Bottle 310 ml - green O02 9 MicroCook 2.25 L L05 55 Aloha Bowl 4 L H64 19 Eco+ Bottle 500 ml - blue O03 9 MicroCook Pitcher 1 L L04 55 Aloha Bowl 450 ml H61 19 Eco+ Bottle 500 ml - pink O14 9 Microfiber Hob M02 61 Aloha Bowl 7.5 L H65 19 Eco+ Bottle 750 ml - green O06 9 MicroPro® Grill P01 58 Aloha Double Plates H67 19 Eco+ Bottle 750 ml - orange O15 9 MicroPro® Grill Ring P02 58 Aloha Mug (2) H68 18 Eco+ Coffee To Go - blue R07 10 Microwave Rice Cooker L86 54 Aloha Tumbler (2) H69 18 Eco+ Coffee To Go - peach R08 10 Milk Foamer H02 20 Basting Brush F23 52 Eco+ Divided Lunch Box Rectangular J17 11 Mini Grater F64 46 Beater F60 47 Eco+ Sandwich Keeper Square R06 11 Mini Signature Line Disney Set (4) A03 37 Bread Knife G50 44 Eco Straw (2) R01 10 Breadsmart Large B57 27 Eco+ Tumbler 470 mL R02 10 Mini Signature Line Low 450 ml Mickey & Donald A04 37 Butter Dish C61 27 Eco+ XtremAqua Bottle 880 ml 021 5 A09 37 Can Opener F39 48 EZ Mix N Store 1.25l E67 50 Mini Signature Line Low 450 ml Minnie & Daisy Cheese Mill E09 43 EZ Shaker 350 ml E85 50 A05 37 Chef Knife G49 44 EZ Shaker 600 ml E87 50 Mini Signature Line Rectangular 980 ml - Disney family Clear Collection Dispenser 570 ml H71 21 Filter & Serve Pitcher with 2 refills H37 17 Mini Signature Line Tall 1.2 l Minnie & Mickey A02 37 Clear Collection Dispenser 770 ml H72 21 Flexible Cutting Board E76 44 Multi Scoop E90 53 20 My Simple Spoon F59 47 Narrow Spatula F53 46 G03 34 Clear Pitcher 1.7 L H33 21 Flexible Cutting Board Round E77 Collapsible Cake Taker H24 20 FreezerMates® Large Low D24 28 Cooks Maid E63 50 FreezerMates® Medium Low D21 28 Onion & Garlic Mate Cool Cubes D52 28 FreezerMates® Mini (2) D26 28 OTG Cutlery Cool Stackables Set C81 27 FreezerMates® Small High (2) D22 28 Oval 1/500 mL Corkscrew F38 48 FreezerMates® Small Low (4) D20 28 Cornet Party M32 61 FreezerMates® Starter Set (5) D23 29 Croissant Party with Spoon CrystalWave Divided Lunch Dish C01 L53 53 15 Fridge Set (11) Garlic Mate C10 G05 J19 12 B01 31 Oval 2/1.1 L B02 31 Oval 3/1.7 L B03 31 24 Oval 4/2.3 L B04 31 34 Oval 5/2.9 L B05 31 G46 44 46 CrystalWave Divided Rectangular L56 15 Garlic Star F69 48 Paring Knife CrystalWave Round Set Large (3) L55 15 Grab 'n' Cut Scissors G35 48 Pastry Cutter & Server F55 CrystalWave Round Set Small (3) L52 15 Handy Spiral E60 38 Pastry Sheet E71 52 CrystalWave Soup Mug L54 15 Ice Cream Scoop F40 49 Potato Masher F30 46 Decorating Bag with 5 Nozzles C02 53 Ilumina Pitcher 2 L H75 18 Potato Smart G02 34 Double Colander E30 42 Kitchen Tools Set (6) E29 47 Rectangular CheeSmart® C56 27 Recycled Chop Collector G01 66 Draining Scoop F62 46 Knife Sharpener G51 44 Easy Speedy E19 43 Ladle F48 47 Recycled Microfiber Dish Dry Towel (2) M10 65 46 Recycled Microfiber Dust Towel (2) M13 65 Eco Bottle Brush II K10 67 Large Spatula F54 Eco Shopping Bag C26 23 Leftover Bowls (4) C68 24 Recycled Microfiber Eye Glass Towel (2) M06 65 Eco+ Accessory Oyster Mini R10 11 Lollitups J55 29 Eco+ Accessory Oyster Oblong R11 11 Mando Chef E58 39 Recycled Microfiber Glass & Window Towel (2) M12 65 R09 11 Mando Junior E56 39 Recycled Microfiber Mop Towel M15 65 Eco+ Accessory Oyster Set (2) 72 INDEX

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