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Centra is Ireland’s number one convenience store with more stores, more choice and better value than other convenience stores. Founded in 1960, there are currently over 470 shops scattered around the Republic of Ireland, following three different formats – small Quick Stops, mid-sized Food markets, and larger Supermarkets.

Selling both own branded products as well as well-known brands, their products include fresh groceries, household items, toiletries, cleaning products, greeting cards, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. In addition to this, they stock alcohol and have a wide variety of beer, spirits and wine. It is also possible to purchase tobacco and do your lottery or buy some scratch cards. Even highly sought after GAA tickets can be bought from your local Centra store.

Centra specialises in lunch-time deals: salads, hot food and sandwiches to name but a few. From selected stores, it is even possible to pre-order your lunch to avoid the long queue when you go in, or have your lunch delivered to your office. As a business, it is possible to order a huge selection of fresh food and drinks for your company or have the staples (milk, bread, etc.) delivered to your office weekly.



With over 470 Centra stores nationwide, you are sure to be able to find one conveniently located near you. To find your local Centra, please click here. For information about their opening hours and to see the deals this week, please have a look on their website – https://centra.ie.

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